Alex was born and raised in Athens, Greece. From a very young age, he entered the beauty industry after realizing his passion for hairdressing and grooming. Alexandros’ ultimate goal is to make his customers feel unique. His deep knowledge on advanced hair treatments, coloring techniques, as well as his attention to detail and his high aesthetics have placed him among the top rising hair stylists. Succeeding in hairstyling requires keeping up with the craft, owning skills and knowing the industry.

Therefore, Alexandros enrolled in a hair design school. His encounter with Christos Xidias in 2011, soon after he completed his studies, was and still is a milestone in his career. During 2012 – 2016, Alexandros took the spotlight in fashion editorials, showing off the creative side of hair styling. The period 2016-2017, Alexandros has been traveling to London to promote his work and techniques beyond the borders of Greece.

Alexandros puts all his creativity at work and recommends innovative haircuts and colors fully harmonized with his client’s personality. His outgoing character along with his deep knowledge and thorough experience have been continuously increasing his clientele. Don’t miss out and visit Alex Parisis for a variety of hair related services according to the latest trends – from hair styling, to color perfection and unique hair treatments.